• Doug Eisenbeisz

    Director of Welcoming and Serving

    Doug is responsible for welcoming people into the community of Bethlehem. He creatively work on ways to engage both those new to faith as well as those who have a long standing relationship within the church. He also oversees the many meal ministries that take place, as well as service ministries that happen within and outside the walls of the church.

  • Cody Swanson

    Director of Worship and Music

    co-coordinator of contemporary worship

    Cody collaborates with the pastors to plan, prepare and implement worship services both onsite and online. He also recruits, trains and equips musicians and leads worship music as needed.  Cody also works with worship leaders (assisting ministers) and support teams including altar guild, sound techs, video techs.

    Cody, along with Sanessa, is responsible for coordinating the music for Wednesday evening worship.

  • Sanessa Lindemann

    Coordinator of Children's Music & Drama; Music Co-Coordinator of Contemporary Worship

    Sanessa is responsible for all the children's music and drama opportunities. She also directs the Christmas and spring programs.

    Sanessa, along with Cody, is also responsible for coordinating the music for Wednesday evening worship.

  • Megan Kukowski

    Coordinator of Generosity and online community

    Megan collaborates with the Financial Resource Team, the Endowment Committee and staff to connect with members, develop stewardship ministries and events. She also helps strengthen and expand Bethlehem's online ministries as we continue to be church together in new ways.  

  • Erica Atkins

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Mrs. Atkins has an elementary education degree from Northern State University with an early childhood endorsement. Her family is deeply connected to the worship and ministry of Bethlehem.  

  • Jennifer Aman

    Christian Education Assistant

    Jennifer assists Melissa with preparing materials for weekly children's ministries. 

  • Denny Smook

    coordinator of Youth Ministries

    Denny is our point person for fellowship ministries for middle and high school students as well as Peer Ministry. Click here to find Denny on Facebook.

  • Janis Heier

    Director of Administration

    Janis works closely with the Pastors and Joint Commission, in the planning, direction and day-to-day administration of the church operations. She also collaborates with staff, team members and the larger community in her efforts to effectively manage the financial resources of the church. Click here to find Janis on Facebook.

  • Marion Hartung

    Business office Assistant

    Marion, the Business Office Assistant, assists the Director of Administration with all financial functions of the church.  

  • Cyndi Bishop

    Director of Communications

    Cyndi is responsible for the advertising and publications including the bulletins and newsletter. She also works on the BLC website, worship projection, and the Stewardship team.

  • Beth Kopecky

    Communications Assistant

    Beth helps with weekly bulletin preparation, website maintenance and other communication ministry.

  • Lori Carpenter

    Administrative Specialist

    Lori serves Bethlehem by providing administrative and secretarial services to the Pastors, staff and congregational leaders. She maintains the events calendar; schedules weddings, baptisms and funerals; and updates the membership database.

  • Jason Rohrbach

    Director of FACILITIES

    Jason and our custodial team are responsible to see that the facility is ready to welcome people for the many ministries of Bethlehem.