Cool Off & Camp Out

This summer, we're raising funds for two vital needs

1. Three new HVAC units are needed for the Narthex, Fellowship Hall & Admin Wing. The time to replace these three aging units is coming quickly, and our Property Resources Team has made the recommendation, alongside the staff and Joint Commission, to replace them instead of waiting for them to go out. This summer and nearly every NESD winter can attest to that logic! Our goal to offset the funds we have set aside in the Future Maintenance Fund is $60K

2. Lutheran's Outdoors in South Dakota is looking to renew and strengthen their ministries. For more than 60 years the camps and programs of LO have been touching the lives of thousands of children, families and adults each year. In 2020 this continuum of ministry was disrupted and canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 2021 will renew LO’s legacy, as they continue to resume participation. Bethlehem's goal for this appeal is $10K. Give to Lutherans Outdoors in SD

Goal = 3 Industrial HVAC units ($90K)

Can you believe it’s been almost a quarter of a century since we moved into our new, beautiful building? We are blessed to have this awesome facility, both in its function and appearance. Even though it still looks awesome, we are experiencing some aches and pains in less-than-obvious places!

Over the past few years, we have experienced increased maintenance costs associated with all of our original, industrial HVAC units, but with three in particular (Fellowship Hall, Narthex & Admin Wing). Therefore, the Property Resources Team put together a plan to systematically replace the older units and established these three as a priority. We know that our facility is “back in action” since the pandemic and we don’t want to delay. We also know that HVAC contractors, units and supplies are dwindling, and we came across a contractor that not only had units, but could negotiate a price that saved us nearly $8K IF we did all three at once. Acting now not only locks in the price, but ensures supply of the units and an experienced contractor to do the work. Although not as easy to calculate, acting now will save money going forward by reducing maintenance and operational costs, as we will have newer, more energy-efficient units.

Bethlehem’s leadership, across all areas, does not take for granted the trust you put in us, and we take spending money very seriously. With the funds set aside in the Future Maintenance Fund (4% of non-designated offerings) we can already cover the cost of one of the three units. We're asking for donations to pay for the other two ($60K). You can donate quickly and easily here.