Life Giving General Fund Appeal

In January and February, during our worship series – Life Giving – we will join the magi worshiping Jesus and then we’ll follow Jesus in Matthew’s gospel and experience that life giving good news for our own lives.

As you've maybe already seen, we have a wall of notecards out in the Narthex. Each of these notecards represents a life-giving gift that you can make on a monthly basis to Bethlehem. Your gifts matter, but we're not sure we always do the best job of showing you how. For example, you'll find a notecard that shows that $50/month could feed 131 people a hot meal this year. Or if you can give even $5/month, your gift could send three kids through Christian Education in 2023! While these gifts support Bethlehem's General Fund, this fosters very real, and very vital ministries, building projects and human resources.

Over the next few weeks, we want you to ponder what life giving gift you can make per month and take the card that reflects that gift.

So please, take the card that fits you and your family, simply fill out the back and return it to the box in the Narthex or to a staff member. We will connect with you about enrolling for AutoGive or adjusting your current gift. You can also utilize the online card here. Please join us as we hope that 50 new individuals or families enroll for AutoGive through our Life Giving General Fund appeal.

Thank you for participating in this life giving ministry of stewardship. 

Fill out your Life-Giving card

Want to enroll for AutoGive yourself? It takes less than five minutes here

Participating is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Fill out your life-giving card from the Narthex or online here

2. We will connect with you! 

3. Give life through your incredible support! Thank you!

Want to enroll for AutoGive yourself? It takes less than five minutes here