Prayer Walk

When you call upon me and come and pray to me, I will hear you. Jeremiah 29:12

During this time of crisis, we are reminded to turn to prayer – for ourselves, others and our community.

While you take this solitary walk today, remember that you do not walk alone

Click here for a PDF of the Prayer Walk around Bethlehem.

(Begin by Bethlehem’s main entry doors where the sidewalk leads to the bike path along Moccasin Creek.)

Pause at the beginning of the path to center yourself. Take a deep breath, still your mind, and open your heart.

  • As you walk left along the bike path towards the blue Primrose building…
    Pray for the older people and others who are vulnerable to Covid-19.
  • As you see the neighborhood of apartments across Moccasin Creek…
    Pray for your neighbors, especially those who are alone or in need.
  • As you continue east on the walking path, pause to look at the Resurrection Hill cross on your left…
    Pray for any personal struggles you may be facing and ask for comfort.
  • As you continue your walk along the creek, look eastward and listen…
    Pray in gratitude for God’s beautiful creation and the sun that always rises after the darkness of night.
  • The street you are approaching leads to Avera to the left and Sanford to the right…
    Pray for medical personnel, those who are sick and hospitalized, and their caretakers.
  • Look down Milwaukee toward Mike Miller…
    Pray for schools, students learning at home, and their parents.
  • Turn left on the sidewalk, walking west along Milwaukee. As you continue along the sidewalk…
    Pray for first responders and law enforcement.
  • Look north across the street and railroad tracks. Notice the farmland...
    Pray for farmers, ranchers and those who transport “daily bread”.
  • Look north across the street and notice the cemetery to the northwest…
    Pray for loved ones you’ve lost, the saints who encouraged your faith.
  • Before you turn south at Bethlehem’s west driveway, look towards New Beginnings Center…
    Pray for individuals and families in crisis. Pray for their safety and that they find the help that they need.
  • Turn and pause by the free library and the share box…
    Pray for people who provide for our needs, especially those who produce, distribute, stock, and sell our food.
  • As you pass the playground, be mindful of the role of fun, laughter and joy in our lives…
    Pray in gratitude for people who bring this into your life.
  • This prayer walk ends at the front of the church where we…
    Pray for clergy, church staff and leaders as they continue the church’s ministry in this difficult time.

As you walk, you are invited you to use links to YouTube music.

James Hersch, Immanuel:

James Hersch, Unit #3:

James Hersch, 22 Little Minds:

James Hersch, Grandma’s Covers:

The Vicar & Dor, Lay Down:

The Vicar & Dor, In My Mess:

David Haas, You Are Mine:

Ray Boltz, Watch the Lamb:

James Phelps, He’s Alive (EASTER):

This Is My Father’s World:

I Love to Tell the Story:

Marty Haugen, All Are Welcome:

Borning Cry:

It Is Well With My Soul:

The Lord bless you and keep you.

The Lord make his face shine upon you, and be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and you give you peace.