Legacy Leaders

We're extremely excited to establish the Bethlehem Legacy Leaders to thank, recognize and celebrate the individuals and families that have chosen to name BLC in their estate plans, give through another planned/deferred gift, or through a gift to the Endowment Fund.

Becoming a Bethlehem Legacy Leader!

This is very simple! Just notify us here at the church office of your legacy gift or have your professional counsel do so. Requests for anonymity will be carefully honored.

You can also get started HERE

Want to learn more?

Contact Janis at the church office - 605.225.9740

Janis Heier

Director of Administration


Legacy Leader Highlight

Karl Lee - A Lifetime of Generosity

There are very few family names better associated with Aberdeen than Lee. 

The K. O. Lee Company, Lee Park, C.C. Lee School, the K. O. Lee Aberdeen Public Library, and the K. O Lee Adult Day Center are just a few you might recognize.

Karl O. Lee was an outdoorsman, reader, machine-tool enthusiast and seminary graduate. His love for South Dakota, and Aberdeen specifically is evident in his generosity. He continuously contributed to this area and shared his gifts with all of us in the form of well-known town landmarks. But Karl's passion for his church was something very special as well. 

Graduating from Luther Seminary and serving briefly in parish ministry, his faith was incredibly important to him. He was a lifelong member here at Bethlehem, and had a deep love for the music, singing in the choir many years. Karl thoroughly enjoyed hearing Arliss play beautiful organ music, and contributed significantly to the installation of the Holtkamp pipe organ we enjoy today. When we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the organ in 2019, Karl shared in the occasion (right). 

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