We Invite you to Bethlehem, COME & SEE!

If you are new to Bethlehem, are interested in learning more about Bethlehem or know someone who is, we would love to extend an invitation to the next CURIOUS or CONNECT session.

Watch the bulletin for more details or call the church office at 605.225.9740.

What is Being Bethlehem?


An informal tine for visitors who may want more information about Bethlehem to meet with members of the Welcome Team and ask any questions they may have. A tour of the church is also provided during this time. CURIOUS is approximately 6 times a year generally the second Sunday and following Wednesdays in January, March, September, November and December. This informal time is available after each service on these days.

CONNECT with bethlehem

A more formal time where the Welcome Team and Pastors share more information about becoming a member of Bethlehem. It is designed to assist potential members to CONNECT to various ministries at Bethlehem, meet other potential new members as well as answer questions they may have. We ask that anyone wanting to become a member participate in a CONNECT with Bethlehem session. These are offered 3 times per year. Usually in October, February and May. 

Below are the handouts and questionnaire for the Connect Sessions:

New Member Information form



commit to bethlehem

The formal process of becoming a member. Those wishing to become members of Bethlehem participate in the membership milestone during a worship service of their choice on designated Commitment weeks (usually about 2 weeks after the Connect session). During this milestone, new members are recognized, welcomed into the Bethlehem family of believers and commit to the mission we share of Welcoming, Worshiping, Teaching, and Serving.